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PH Intelligence LogoPublic health profiles are a useful way of presenting a vast array of benchmarked public health indicators in a summarised format. The public health intelligence team have created a number of profiles for the city including pocket profiles and profiles at electoral ward, GP practice and locality level, all of which can be found on this page.

In addition, this page also provides access to a range of city profiles produced nationally by Public Health England and other agencies. Further information on each profile and download links are also available on this page. The profiles can be accessed by clicking on either the "Local" or "National" tabs below.

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LOCALLY PRODUCED PROFILES - please choose a profile from the drop down menu below:

Population Pyramid ImageWe have developed a population profiling tool which allows you to create population pyramids for Southampton CCG, Southampton LA, GP Practices, Electoral Wards and Better Care Clusters. Population pyramids profile the population by age group and gender, and compare the users chosen geography against the city and England average. The tool also allows you to project how the population is likely to change between 2015 and 2021, which may help in understanding future demand for healthcare services.

- Population pyramid tool - January 2019

Previous versions of the tool:

- 2011 Census population pyramid tool (Excel 2007 / 2010)

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