Public Health Annual Report 2015

DPH PhotoThis is my third report since Public Health leadership and responsibilities transferred from the NHS back to local authorities on 1st April 2013.  In it I report on the state of Southampton’s health, underlying trends and some of the future challenges that we face, and make recommendations for how health can be improved.

“Start well, stay well” could sum up our approach to improving health and reducing inequalities.  It is also where the evidence tells us we should go if we are serious about making a difference to the lives of Southampton people. While the health of people living in Southampton continues to improve and we are living longer, not all of these extra years of life are lived in good health or free from disability. Some health indicators in childhood show that we are not yet succeeding in our aim to give every young person the best possible start in life. There has also been limited progress in narrowing the health gap between the wealthy and those who are on low incomes, and many challenges remain or have increased in significance.

In this report I have chosen to focus on the first 1,000 days of life; the lead up to conception, pregnancy and the first two years of life.  This period is critical to future health and wellbeing and is the time when there are huge opportunities to influence outcomes for the better.

Dr Andrew Mortimore
Director of Public Health
Southampton City

The full report and an easily digestable summary report are available to download below:

Full Public Health Annual Report 2015

Summary Public Health Annual Report 2015

Oral Health and Inequalities for Southampton Children Feb-2016: explores oral health and inequalities for Southampton children. This is a suplimentary report to the Public Health Annual Report 2015