Creating a Healthier Environment

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Marmot recommendations: E - "Create and develop healthy sustainable places and communities"

There are close links between the environment and people’s health. Indeed, the environment has a significant relationship to the way we live our lives. As a nation we are increasingly sedentary and have low levels of physical activity. This is a serious public health challenge that needs to be addressed as chronic diseases rise exponentially. But the future can be greener, healthier and safer as we adapt to climate change and promote the health of the environment. More ‘climate-friendly’ investments in transport, housing and household energy policies can help prevent significant cardiovascular and chronic respiratory disease, obesity related conditions and cancers. 
The layout of towns and cities can influence opportunities to be physically active. Walking and cycling undertaken by people in the city will have beneficial effects on obesity levels, and on long-term conditions such as diabetes. Improved air quality delivered through green technology, active travel and low carbon transport will reduce the incidence of respiratory disease. Improving the efficiency of homes to retain heat will reduce fuel poverty, and people who can stay warm will have better health.