Background Information on Southampton's Population

JSNA LogoA changing population underpins the key themes within Southampton’s strategic assessment. The city enjoys a diversity of people that enriches our population, but the pace of change challenges service delivery.

Population estimates

In 2016, the resident population of Southampton is estimated to be to be 251,565 (HCC SAPF) with 282,455 (HSCIC) people registered with GP practices in April 2017. Southampton's population pyramid shows that Southampton has a large number of students in Southampton; 20% of Southampton’s population is aged between 15 and 24 years compared to just 12.4% nationally. For more information on our population see the full chapter, compendium and population pyramid.


Population and demography May 2017: full chapter on Southampton's population

Southampton's Demography compendium: including data on resident population estimates, population forecasts, ethnicity, religion and language. Last updated November 2018.

Population pyramid tool: last updated September 2018

Additional Resources

Links to additional resources that have contributed to this section are provided below. These additional resources may include public health newsletters, in depth needs assessments and detailed intelligence briefings on specific topics, conditions or population groups.