Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment 2017/18

Safe City LogoThe Southampton Safe City Partnership co-ordinates multi-agency action on community safety to improve lives and foster stronger communities by reducing crime, anti-social behaviour, alcohol misuse and supply, and the use and harm caused by drugs throughout the city. Partners include the five statutory authorities; Hampshire Constabulary, Southampton City Council, Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Probation Services and Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). In addition, there are representatives from the Youth Offending Service (YOS), Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) and the Integrated Commissioning Unit (ICU).

It is a legislative requirement for the Partnership to undertake a Strategic Assessment each year. This is a public document, which provides an overview of current and future crime, disorder and community safety issues affecting Southampton and makes recommendations to enable the Partnership to focus the Southampton Safe City Strategy and local delivery plans, ensuring they continue to meet the needs of the city. The Strategic Assessment includes the following:

  • An analysis of the levels of crime and disorder and substance misuse in the area

  • Changes in those levels and why these changes have occurred

  • Views of local people living and working in the area in relation to crime and disorder and substance misuse

  • Identification of gaps in knowledge which need to be addressed

  • Recommendations for matters which should be prioritised

The Southampton Safe City Partnership have agreed that a full assessment will be conducted in line with the need to refresh the Southampton Safe City Strategy; every 3-5 years. For the interim years, a lighter touch refresh assessment will be conducted which monitors key trends and themes identified in the full assessment, but does not go into as much depth or attempt to make additional recommendations. For this reason, refresh assessments should be read alongside the latest full assessment for a complete understanding of community safety issues in Southampton. The most recent publication is for 2017/18 and is a refresh assessment, whilst the latest full assessment was conducted for 2016/17. The full reports, individual chapters (where applicable), summary slidesets and the data that informed the assessments can be downloaded below.

2017/18 Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment (Refresh)


Executive summary Safe City Strategic Assessment 2017-18 (pdf 1.04MB)

Summary Slideset

Safe City Strategic Assessment presentation 2018 (PowerPoint 2.14MB)

Data Compendium

Community Safety Crime December 2018 (Excel 4.12MB)

Community Safety Offenders and Victims December 2018 (Excel 1.26MB)

Community Safety Perceptions of Crime December 2018 (Excel 415KB)

2016/17 Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment (Full)


Full document: Safe City Strategic Assessment 2016/17 (pdf 11.2mb) - full report

Individual chapters

Executive summary: Safe City Strategic Assessment 2016/17 (pdf 528kb)

2. Background (pdf 451kb)

3. Context (pdf 458kb)

4.1. Overview of Crime (pdf 727kb)

4.3. Offenders (pdf 727kb)

4.4. Young People at Risk and Youth Offending (pdf 817kb)

4.5. Crime Distribution, Deprivation and Inequalities (pdf 1.0mb)

4.6. Perceptions of Crime (pdf 902kb)

4.7. Victims (pdf 782kb)

5.1. Acquisitive offences (pdf 867kb)

5.2. Anti-Social Behaviour (pdf 626kb)

5.3. Hate Crime (pdf 620kb)

5.4. Violence Against the Person (pdf 625kb)

5.5. Alcohol and Substance Misuse (pdf 1.71mb)

5.6. Cyber-Crime (pdf 461kb)

5.7. Fire Safety (pdf 669kb)

5.8 Road Safety (pdf 995kb)

5.9. Domestic and Sexual Abuse (DSA) and Sexual Offences (pdf 972kb)

5.10. Rough Sleeping and Street Begging (pdf 522kb)

5.11. Coercion and Exploitation (pdf 620kb)

6. Appendices (pdf 464kb)

Archived Assessments

Safe City Strategic Assessment 2015/16 (pdf 8mb)

Safe City Strategic Assessment 2014/15 (pdf 6mb)