Parenting, Childhood and Adolescence

JSNA LogoThis section summarises the health needs and services for children and young people in Southampton. Southampton has a young demographic compared to the England average. There are about 60,000 children aged between 0 and 19 years of age living in Southampton. Ethnic diversity is increasing and about a quarter of children and young people live in poverty.

  • Enjoy good health, and have access to timely help when in poor health

  • Be kept safe from harm, abuse and neglect

  • Enjoy growing up and achieve well in academic and other activities

  • Make a positive contribution to community life and have their views taken into account

  • Enter adult life resilient and well placed to achieve economic wellbeing

    However, this is currently not the case for all children and young people. We know that too many are not achieving as well as they could at school and do not benefit from good health due to obesity, poor diet, poor choices in relation to alcohol and drugs and premature sexualisation.

Data Compendium

Accompanying data that has helped inform the Parenting Childhood and Adolescence theme of the JSNA. The data compendium files contain data for Southampton, benchmarked against England and against it's local authority peers. The date of the latest upload is shown next to each file below.

Download Icon SmallBirths and healthy start: Download data, to the left, on births and healthy start. The file contains data on births, fertility rates, low birth weight, breastfeeding and smoking in pregnancy. Last updated February 2017

Download Icon SmallChildhood Immunisations: Download data, to the left, on childhood immunisations. The file contains data on immunisation uptake by a child's 1st, 2nd and 5th birthday, as well as the uptake of the HPV immunisation for girls aged 12 & 13 years. Last updated August 2016.

Download Icon SmallDental Health: Download data, to the left, on dental health. The file contains data on the average number of decayed, missing and filled teeth for Southampton children and adults as well as data on NHS dental access and general anaesthetic extractions. Last updated February 2014.

Download Icon SmallEducation: Download data, to the left, on education. The file contains data on educational attainment and pupils characteristics. It also includes information on educational achievement gap and pupil absence. Last updated February 2019

Download Icon SmallObesity: Download data, to the left, on obesity. The file contains data on NCMP participation rates, NCMP underweight, healthy weight, overweight and obesity prevalence for Year R and Year 6 children, modelled prevalence of obesity and healthy eating amongst adults, adults participating in sport and QOF crude adult obesity prevalence. Last updated November 2018.

Download Icon SmallSexual Health: Download data, to the left, on sexual health. The file contains data on abortions, LARC prescriptions, chlamydia diagnoses and screening, HIV presentations, prevalence of selected STI and teenage conception rates. Last updated October 2018.

Additional Resources

Links to additional resources that have contributed to this theme. These additional resources may include public health newsletters, in depth needs assessments and detailed intelligence briefings on specific topics, conditions or population groups.