Public Health Intelligence

PH Intelligence LogoThe Public Health Information Team provide support to Southampton City Council, the NHS Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other partner organisations in the form of information and intelligence on the health and lifestyles of Southampton's population. Public health intelligence is about gathering data and information from a wide variety of sources and then combining it to form a picture of the variations in health across our population and to help us understand the relationships between where we live and how healthy we are. This in turn helps to prioritise and plan services, to address the main causes of disease and poor health in the city, to reduce health inequalities and to to improve the health of the population as a whole.

The team has access to a range of data sources including population and demographics, causes of mortality, life expectancy, disease prevalence, lifestyle factors, socio-economics and deprivation.

On these pages you will find a wealth of data and other resources. The main data set is the JSNA data compendium. Other resources include a series of topic based briefing notes and monthly information newsletters on subjects such as inequalities, sexual health and childhood obesity. We have also included a comprehensive list of links to other sources of public health information.

Whilst these pages are primarily used by professionals to inform their work, they may also be of interest to students and members of the general public. If you require assistance in accessing or interpreting any of this information, or if you require any additional analysis, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Health Information Team.

Contact the team

Dan King - Service Lead – Intelligence and Strategic Analysis
Phone: 023 8083 2493

Briony Tatem - Senior Strategic Intelligence Analyst
Phone: 023 8083 4037

Vicky Copley - Senior Strategic Intelligence Analyst 
Phone: 023 8083 3883

Vicky Toomey - Strategic Intelligence Analyst 
Phone: 023 8083 4707

Vanella Mead - Strategic Data Analyst
Phone: 023 8083 3406